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  • Safe and Found Product Manager, Mark Chan, discusses Sprint's New Family Safety Service

    The Safe and Found App from Sprint is available for both Android and iOS.

    In this interview, Mark Chan from Sprint discusses the mobile operator's new family safety app, Safe & Found. While all major wireless operators currently offer app-based family safety services to mobile subscribers, Sprint's Safe & Found app takes the services to the next level by combining family locator functionality with parental controls functionality all in one, easy-to-use app. The feature-rich Safe & Found app will replace Sprint's older family safety offerings, which provided some of the same functionality but in two different apps.

    How does Smith Micro fit in? Sprint's Safe & Found app is based on Smith Micro's SafePath® Family technology platform. Click here to listen to the interview >>

  • Sprint Unveils Safe and Found App Powered by Smith Micro's SafePath® Family Platform

    Sprint Safe and Found App: Location and Parental Controls easy for all family members

    To provide a feature-rich family services app to it's more than 55 million subscribers, Tier 1 MNO Sprint deployed Smith Micro's SafePath® Family solution. Available for both Android and iOS, Sprint's Safe & Found app provides real-time location services, geo-fencing functionality, emergency alerts and instant, location-based notifications, phone security and content protection functionality all from one easy-to-use interface.

    Visit Sprint's Newsroom to learn more about the app >>

  • Smith Micro named 'Leading Player' in Growing IoT Device Management Market

    Global IoT Device Management Market Revenue 2017-2025According to Transparency Market Research, the global IoT Device Management market will continue to grow at a brisk pace in the foreseeable future as the growing need for new data monitoring mechanisms across all sectors will spur demand for effective and secure device management solutions. Smith Micro was cited as a 'leading player' in this growing market along with tech giants Google, Intel, IBM, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft. Smith Micro's solution, the QuickLink IoT Services Platform provides comprehensive and standards-based device management and firmware over-the-air update capabilities.

    Several leading companies have recently implemented components of Smith Micro's IoT platform, such as Kona S in South KoreaTo learn more about the QuickLink IoT platform, click here.

  • Open Mobile Alliance Announces Results from LwM2M TestFest hosted at Smith Micro Pittsburgh

    Lightweight M2M is a device management protocol specified by the Open Mobile Alliance.On June 8, 2017, the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) announced the results of a May 2017 LightweightM2M (LwM2M) TestFest hosted by Smith Micro, and also released timeline targets for the next release of the LwM2M device management protocol. Smith Micro's CTO, Dave Sperling, was quoted in the press release stating: "As a long-time OMA member and an active supporter of the organization's wireless standards, Smith Micro was proud to host both the LwM2M TestFest and Device Management Working Group... Having spent the last few years building out our own IoT device management solution using LwM2M, it was an invaluable opportunity for our development team to test and validate interoperability with other LwM2M implementations."


    Read the press release >>

    Download the TestFest Results >>

  • Del Mar Times: AutoMatters & More: 'Beauty and the Beast'

    Animating Lumiere from Disney's Beauty and the Beast in Moho Pro 12.

    Article Excerpt: "At long last, Disney has produced a live action version of the classic 1991 animated film "Beauty and the Beast." There is a cognitive difference between live action and animated films. Animation leaves much to the imagination, encouraging a suspension of reality that is different from that in a live action film... Retail marketing and cross promotions abound. At the Microsoft Store, customers may have their photo taken with a character from the film in an augmented reality experience, use Microsoft computers to animate Lumiere using Moho Pro 12 and Surface Dial, and color a black & white graphic using "Sketchable."

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  • Open Mobile Alliance: OMA Announces May 2017 TestFest Hosted by Smith Micro

    Smith Micro will host a LwM2M TestFest event in May 2017.

    The Open Mobile Alliance has selected Smith Micro to host a TestFest event in May 2017 at its Pittsburgh engineering facility. According to the OMA's press release, testing will take place Wednesday, May 17 through Friday, May 19 from 9:00 to 18:00 daily.  New LightweightM2M (LwM2M) test cases will be available at the event based on industry demand. Registration for the TestFest is open to the public through Friday, April 7. The TestFest is open to any organization including both OMA members and non-members for testing client or server implementations of LwM2M, as well as any OMA Enabler for which there are 3 clients and 3 servers registered.

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  • Fast Company - The Surface Studio Story: How Microsoft Reimagined The Desktop PC for Creativity

    Smith Micro's 2D animation software, Moho 12, was one of seven apps that created custom controls for the Surface Dial.

    Article Excerpt: "This was the Surface Dial, a totally new concept to me - if not altogether without precedent. It provides users with an outboard, tactile controller for navigation and selection that would normally be done digitally by tapping on a touch screen... While a mouse's specialty is pointing, the Dial is designed for scrolling and moving quickly through menus... Microsoft will launch the [Surface] Studio with just seven app developer partners that have created custom on-screen Dial controls in their apps." Smith Micro's award winning 2D animation app, Moho 12, is one of these app partners.

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  • BBC News: Windows 10 update and Surface Studio PC unveiled

    Animators can utilize Microsoft’s new Surface Dial and Moho 2D animation software for faster, easier animation with the turn of a dial

    While not mentioned by name, a screenshot of Moho™ 12 running on Microsoft's new Surface Studio was published by BBC News. The screenshot depicts Moho 12, Smith Micro's award-winning software for 2D animation, being used in conjunction with the new Surface Dial, a groundbreaking accessory that Microsoft unveiled in tandem with the Surface Studio PC. Using the Surface Dial on the Surface Studio, artists can create complex animations with ease in Moho 12 by just turning the dial. Smith Micro was one of only seven app developer partners asked by Microsoft to create custom controls for the Surface Dial.

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  • RCR Wireless: Mobile App Testing Expected to Boom


    As more applications move to the cloud, enterprises are facing the  need to do more testing before deployment, as well as more monitoring of application performance - and companies large and small are seeking to capitalize on that need. Smith Micro, which has more traditionally focused on user experience optimization and policy-based device control, last week launched its 4D App Studio service. The app design and development service originates with Smith Micro's acquisition of app developer iMobileMagic earlier this year, and already has around 30 apps launched that include iMobileMagic work.

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  • MultiChannel Merchant: Redefining Mobile Engagement in 3 Steps

    Mobile isn’t a destination, and it isn’t a channel. For most people it has become a bodily appendage, which makes it a remarkable proxy for the individual. The right mobile strategy enables customer insights like never before, as well as personalized, relevant engagement that builds trust and long-term loyalty.

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