SafePath Family

SafePath® Family is the most comprehensive, carrier-grade family safety app available. By combining powerful family locator functionality with robust parental controls and built-in support for wearable devices such as GPS wristwatches and pet trackers, SafePath Family enables mobile operators to deliver a complete digital lifestyle solution to subscribers in one, easy-to-use interface. See how Sprint is helping its subscribers protect their loved ones with SafePath Family.

Family Location and Protection Services for All Ages

Keeping family members and loved ones safe is always top of mind in our frenetic, mobile-first world. With features like accurate location positioning, safety zones, automatic check-ins and family alerts, SafePath Family makes it easy to keep every family member safe and protected. Learn how Sprint is providing parents with peace of mind with its new Safe & Found app powered by SafePath Family.

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All Family Members Need Protecting

For family members who are either too young to use a smartphone or not confident in their own ability to use one, SafePath Family provides the solution. Supporting GPS wristwatches and backpack locators, SafePath Family makes it easy to ask for help in an emergency situation and provides caregivers with all of the tools they need to protect everyone in the family. Download the SafePath Family datasheet to learn more.

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Easy-to-Use Parental Control From Any Device

Most parents admit that it is difficult to stay on top of what apps and social media their children use, and do not feel confident in their ability to set limits on mobile device use*. With SafePath Family, managing screen time has never been easier. Parents can manage app usage, block app installs, filter out unwanted or inappropriate content on web browsers, and more.

*Boston Medical Center

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Start Now to Provide Your Customers With Peace of Mind

Subscribers of Sprint, MEO/Altice Portugal, dtac, Digi, and AIS already rely on SafePath® Family to keep their families close and connected. Contact us today to learn how you can provide a uniquely branded, white-labeled solution to your subscribers.

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