In-Store Marketing that Connects with Customers

ViewSpot allows you to interact and engage with customers in your store with dynamic content and smart promotions while collecting data necessary to anticipate what they want and increase in-store sales.

Mobile Marketing that Blends Real Life Experiences With the Virtual World

Create engaging demos and content that act as an extension of your sales team

  • Dynamic Content – Boost sales activity with consistent and creative messaging
  • Safe and Secure Experience – Remove content that is stored on in-store devices by wiping pictures, SMS and other items saved on demo devices
  • Takeover Moments – Turn browsers into buyers by highlighting store-wide special events
  • Consumer Insights – Engage customers with video, animations and one-tap menu guides
  • Business Intelligence – Collect customer interaction data to understand consumer buying habits
  • Comparison Tool – Downsize the number of devices in the store by enabling customer to compare current device in hand to other device models

Customer and Device Health Metrics

Better understand the customer's in-store journey through in-depth analytics. ViewSpot offers a deep-dive analysis of activated devices by store, the average time a consumer is spending browsing per device, top content that is attracting attention and the health metrics of each device.

Useful and detailed dashboards and alerts help you to solve the issues before they impact you. Metrics include:

  • Activated devices per store
  • Device ranking nationally
  • Average session time
  • Activation per market
  • Engagement rate by device
  • Online vs offline devices
  • Health metrics of devices