Bring Devices to Life in Your Retail Stores

Give life to your in-store devices with engaging experiences that are clean, modern and intuitive. Your store will visually come alive with devices that can connect with your customers, educating them on the ideal device, promoting featured products and services while collecting data to better understand your customer’s in-store journey.

Consistent and Compelling Content

Your devices will become an engaging interactive consumer experience with dynamic content updated over the air across all devices. Use to increase revenue opportunities through smart cross-promotion of your products and services.

Deliver a Connected Customer Journey

Synchronize content across in-store devices – or even across all stores. Delivers a unified message to any consumer no matter where they are in the buying process creating strategic displays that attract attention rather than a black screen or content that stops running after a customer interacts with the device.

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Meaningful Analytics

What good is the experience if you don’t know how your customers are using it? Collect a wide array of customer interaction and operations data that provides rich business intelligence about your consumers and the devices they’re using.

Increase Customer Engagement

Engage customers on in-store devices with interactive video, images and one-tap menu guides. Allows the customer to browse devices without feeling pressure from a rep. Use to educate consumers on products and services while promoting device features, accessories and up to the minute marketing offers.

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Optimize Your In-Store Customer Experience with ViewSpot

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